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Hazardous Waste Removal

We provide scheduling solutions specific to this industry.
Specialized Hazardous 
Scheduling Dashboard
Developed with industry professionals, NYLUS allows you to route your commercial trucks according to federal regulations. Access your schedules using our specialized zoned maps, see waste licenses directly on the dashboard and have the option to set your pick up intervals every 6 or 8 weeks. Have automatic routing on the mobile device with turn by turn directions.
Key Features and Benefits
These are just some of the great things that makes NYLUS a trusted expert in this industry.
Specialized Work Ticket Fields
Apply our industry dangerous goods grid to your fully customized work ticket. Include waste classes and customer pricing as well as regulation codes ready for customer billing.

Automated Routing


Optimize your unit routing with your territories/zone and stay in compliance with the applicable road routes delegated to transportation of your hazardous waste.

Service Pricing Reports


Have on hand your specialized prices for each customer and by waste class your are picking up. Use this to incorporate different country or province/state regulation

Customer Management


Keep track of all your customer database. Associate all your subsidiaries with a parent to child customer to customer relation. User even have the option to dispatch though the customer details if needed.

Waste Regulation


Always keep track of federal or local waste regulations and codes from your master list, work orders and on the scheduling dashboard.

Waste Licensing


Keep track of all your clients and what waste they are licensed to produce into a licensing master list  and have that all integrated into the scheduling dashboard.

Territories/ Zones


Group all your customers and assign them to a territory/zone, this is especially useful when doing dispatching and pick up to optimize your routes.

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