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Enterprise Field Service 
Management Suite

Ready to learn more about what Nylus can do for YOUR business?

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Unit Scheduling & Dispatching or Drag and Drop Calendar Scheduling


Your company can select from any one of our 6 industry specific specialized dashboards. From unit scheduling for Hyrdovac trucks to chemical disposal routing, NYLUS will recommend the best and most effective dashboard for your industry. Convert and customize all your paper work orders/LEMs electronically and auto-dispatch them base on your services. NYLUS can handle multiple work order tickets to your multiple services. Assign follow up jobs to past jobs or recurring jobs to contract work.

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Truck Maintenance Dashboard


Your mechanic can manage your entire fleet maintenance in one dashboard. Set emergency maintenance priorities on your jobs and notify dispatch immediately when the unit is ready. Set work order triggers directly on a form to notify dispatch to take the unit offline at anytime.

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Safety Management


Have electronic safety tickets available on site at anytime. Create and designate multiple mandatory safety form to be summitted before the jobs starts. Automate site or customer specific orientation to any job to prevent scheduling errors. Create and manage safety reviews for auditors to download.

Customer Price Rates


Automate the system to calculate all your services or material pricing directly on the job ticket. No need to look for customer price books when billing a customer anymore. Companies can price out by the job, project or customer.

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NYLUS add-ons for the office and the field.

Geo Fencing/ Zones


Set geo-fencing on zones and notify customer when techs are in the area. Geo-fence environmental areas when crews are digging for proper disposal

Timesheets/ Payroll


Each company is unique to how they track time. Run your timesheet reports in NYLUS and save hrs during payroll periods.  Use our payroll rule to customize how you capture time to pay your employees.

Signature Sign-Offs


Don't worry about missing a customer electronic sign-off on a job, use our dashboard to email a copy to customers to be signed and returns all through the system



Users can create one or many invoices for each customer. Add one or many work tickets to an invoice and send the invoice directly out of Nylus.

E-Field Tickets/ LEMs 


Customize your work ticket or LEMs out of Nylus. Never settle for an out of the box design. Our team will create and design your electronic form using our industry knowledge. 

GPS & Routing


Use this feature to optimize truck routes from head office to the job. Service companies 

track can schedule trucks to the appropriate roads based on designated road regulations.

Work Flow Management


Easily set up work flow triggers and notifications using our work flow rules. From truck maintenance to accident report submission to expired resource training.

Punch Clock 


Use our punch clock dashboard to track metrics for in field users as they punch in and  out of the field, lunch or travel time and use this to either bill to customers or use for payroll.

Geo Markers


Geo-mark map locations of jobs pictures  on the work ticket for pole and anchors directly in the field. Use these markers to locate map points for back fills or to send completed  service pictures to customers

Incident Drawing


Use our incident drawing feature on electronic work orders or safety forms to draw out spec on a blue print or simply to reconstruct an accident on an accident form.



Use out in app reporting services to slice and dice date. Create ad-hoc reports from the systems' pivot tables to summarize information for either resource reporting or job to customers reporting.

General Forms


Use this module to create any other forms beside safety and work tickets. Customize and create unlimited electronic form to be used on sales, project management etc.



Our dashboard allows users to designate in the systems approval rules, from purchase to requesting for a training course. Be notified when you have an approval in the system.

Project Management 


No more switching back and forth between a project management software and your field service software. In our Project module PMs can view the status of jobs on projects, budgeting, bids & profit and loss on projects. 



Never lose track of inventory, apply cost plus pricing to customer on a work order. Allow operators or tech to add martials to a field ticket. Use our warehousing feature to separate inventory in multiple places

Purchase Orders


Use the PO dashboard to quickly see your company stats
Attach POs to projects, use our customized sequencing for purchase order numbers
Convert quotes to PO directly in Nylus.


Customer Management


Keep track of all your customer database. Associate billing, job locations, contact information or apply safety training/tickets to customer site specific jobs.

Sales Orders


Integrate your sales order or creat a sales order directly in Nylus. Associate SOs on any rpoject and track metrics of the SO to the project. Download or import your SOs and track in Nylus. Apply the SO to quotes, projects, jobs, work orders  and safety..

Choose from our pick as you go solutions by selecting the add-ons you want.

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