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Solution Overview

Featuring Our Hydrovac Dashboard
- Made for Dispatchers by Dispatchers -

Scheduling & Dispatching

Quick and easily send your resources to the right job location. Never worry about over booking or double booking a technician or unit. Send real time notifications to your resources using our B2B email or text messaging. Dispatch by crews or locations. Use our in/out electronic punch board and track user time more accurately on job sites. Quickly see unsent and unassigned jobs using our different scheduling dashboards. Accurately see what resources are available and get them to the job on time. We offer companies 7 different ways to schedule as Nylus is not an out of the box grid scheduler like most other companies. From team lead scheduling to self scheduling and pooled job scheduling Nylus is robust enough for us to fit YOUR processes.

Purchase Orders

Eliminate error-prone mistakes with manual paper work using our line item grid system on the POs. Manage POs using our purchase dashboard on either through the project management dashboard or through its own dashboard. View purchase orders by vendor, project or by PO status. Deliver critical data all in real time by associating purchase order information with the project for expense tracking. Easy, simple, and efficient data entry. Charting to quickly see your company stats.

·Export to PDF

· Attach to projects

· Custom purchase order numbers

· Add custom line items

· Attach to resources

· Group data

Mobile View

Supports both android, iPhone and has the ability to sync calendars on mobile devices. Resources can fill out work orders, safety and attach docs or pictures from their device. Users can accept dispatched jobs directly on their devices all real time via email or in app text messaging. We have offline capabilities and use a native app that can be downloaded directly to any device. Self generate field tickets & geo-locate safety forms.Team leads or operators can schedule crews directly on their mobile device.  Electronic signature capture directly in the field on mobile devices. Users can email field tickets directly to the office or a supervisor from the app.

SignOffs & Approvals

The dashboards allows you to quickly and easily see which work processes have been signed off or not. Allows multiple sign offs on a work order & send out reminders and follow ups to resources that are required to sign off your work orders. Attach follow up documentation to the sign off.  All sign offs are also audited. Custom follow up messages for your approvals .  Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily see your approvals.  Administrators can see an overview of all approvals. Reassign approvals, customize approvals & be notified when you have an approval.  Nylus approval framework allows you to approve any event that occurs within Nylus with minimal customization.  Submitted overtime, going over project budgets, and much more ...

TimeSheets & Payroll

Monitor and download timesheet information.  Excel and PDF export, view any pay period in seconds. See timesheet submissions immediately. Group by sub-contractors or crews. See hourly, daily, or weekly time frames. Quickly see what work orders make up the time. Excel export, custom templates if your company requires. Time comes from the work orders to create timesheet data an generate and calculate payroll information based on resource rates directly in the system. Now your employees can clock in or out of the shop directly from their mobile device or PC. 

Hydrovac Dashboard

Save hours dispatching your crew through text messages on your phone.  Nylus's Hydrovac Dashboard sends job notifications and cancellations out automatically with two clicks of your mouse.  Customize the text messages sent to your crew as well. Need to know which individuals were last on the job on a particular site.  No problem.  Nylus's Hydrovac Dashboard allows you to see this quickly and easily. No need for a second messaging application or sending dispatches from your phone.  Nylus's new Hydrovac Dashboard incorporates text messaging right into the application. Easily reassign jobs to another unit with two clicks of your mouse.  Have the option to delete the original job or not in Nylus's Hydrovac Dashboard​


Attach your labour rates to customers.  Attach your parts pricing to customers. Companies can set up multiple rate sheets and pricing per customer. Nylus will automatically detect what customer the work order is for and apply the proper pricing. All changes to the rate per price sheets are audited for history. Set rate per price sheet defaults. Use our pricesheets for tracking regular rates, OT rates, Double OT/Other OT Rates as well.  Monetarize using our system pricing on services, parts and resources.  Track billable pricing on work orders.  Drill down into pricing statistics by global —> customer —> project —> job

View pricing information for projects directly on the project management dashboard

Safety Management

Geo-location of submitted forms. See your entire safety form landscape and status. See training expiry easily and keep your resources up to date using our safety dashboard. Create your own customizable safety forms within the applications using our internal electronic form builder module. View weather on your maps. Search for your safety form submissions with ease. Setup mandatory safety forms to go out with your jobs, and require your resources to fill in forms before they fill out their work orders.

Review & process safety forms and run reports for safety history for CORE audits. See which trucks show up on what safety forms

Sales Quotes & Pricing

Enter task, parts and resources rates to be used against the job.  System charting for quotes by industry, date and status. Associate sales quotes to the project. View cost associated with the job and measure your profits against profits.  Use real time data. Monetarize using our system pricing on services, parts and resources. Track billable pricing on work orders. Drill down into pricing statics by global —> customer —> project —> job. View pricing information for projects directly on the project management dashboard

Resource Management

See and create any combination of shifts across multiple crews. Create any complex shift 10 days on 2 days off, 18 days on 6 days off.  Change resources between shifts quickly.  Easily see which resources are on and which are off.  Colour coded, create any type of custom fields for your resources to keep track of any type of information. Group your resources in any way you choose. Add time off types directly to the resource and have it show up on the scheduling dashboard. Attach profile pictures to people, assign & track unit maintenance for your company.

Project Management

Have your actual resources in the field tied directly to your project management team. Track actual time vs billable time to a project. Gauge bids, quotes and resources against your project to determine if a project is feasible for your company. Project managers can use the project dashboard to statistics, metrics, planning and  document tracking on their projects. Spend minutes on your executive reports instead of hours. Material, work orders and safety forms are funneled to your project all real time. Attach purchase orders, vendor information and part pricing to the project from the job for accurate budgeting.

Electronic Field Tickets

Easily build your existing work orders electronically in the Nylus system using the Nylus Form Builder. See real time updates of your work orders on your dashboard.  Filter by work order categories for reporting purposes.  Invoice faster by processing and un-processing work orders here. Easily see who hasn't submitted their work orders & track customer signatures electronically. Use the internal system punch clock directly on your work orders to track actual billable time. Assign private fields information from customers, required or per-populated  information from the system.  Customized work order numbers consistent with your company’s already existing work order number structure.

Training & Orientation

Never schedule a resource to a job, site location or job type again without the proper training. The system automatically notifies the user if the resource has the proper training for site. Manage training expiry dates and training notifications.  Customize your systems to automatically attach training to a sites location or job type where it is needed. Add as many training courses and orientations as needed. Track orientation for your resources. Track pre-requisites and track the preferred vendors and cost of training. Quickly add training through the training matrix. Multiple ways of adding training depending on how you store your training. See historical information related to your training or orientations. Import training from excel

GPS & Fleet Management

Use GPS technology to track & monitor your fleets. Hover over units either on our internal map on the  scheduling dashboard for by vehicle name for real time statics. Dispatch units closest to the job site directly on the map. View live traffic information and assist in re-routing units quickly to a job. Use our fleet dashboard to track unit history and statistics. Know each unit trip history and download trip reports directly from the dashboard. Use live unit information to improve driver safety, see unit Lat/Long, speed, idle Engines, trip distance, altitude, hard break & ignition on details.  Incorporate all this live information to a driver electronic log book all in the Nylus system.

Reporting & Charting

Write custom reports directly in the application with the help of the custom report writer.  Allow only certain people to see and run the reports. Incredibly flexible and robust, see version history of all reports. Personal workspace to develop and test the reports.  Write the reports in SQL.

See resource utilization at the click of a button directly on the scheduling dashboards.  See time lost to vacation and shifts. Communicate to sales and project management the availability of resources immediately for more efficient time utilization and productivity.  See how busy sections of your company through the heat map.

"Have Your Staff Trained Up In 2 Hours"

Never Settle For The Conventional Schedulers

Companies have the option to choose from 8 different scheduling dashboards as each are tailored to a particular industry.

  • Drag & Drop Scheduling  

  • Pooled Scheduling  

  • Team Lead Scheduling  

  • Dynamic Scheduling  

  • On Call Scheduling  

  • Unit Scheduling   (Hydrovac Dashboard)

  • Floating Scheduling  

  • Block Scheduling  

Using The Right Technology

Nylus Systems is a cloud based systems built on the Microsoft  Azure platform.

With SSL data encryption you never need to worry about confidential data interception.


We are constantly creating and using the most up to date and innovative technology, companies just need to focus on their operational business and not the system. We understand the problems you face and we will give you the tools to solve it.

· Can scale up servers in minutes

· Can scale up databases in minutes

· Disaster recovery

· Can utilize Power BI Reporting

· Machine learning services

· World wide secure data centres

· And much more ...

Made for Mobility

Our mobile view is compatible with both Android & iOS. Simply download our app to your mobile device and you are ready to go.


Field technician can receive real time updates, sign & submit work orders, punch in/out in the field and have instant communication with their dispatchers in just a few clicks.

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