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Nylus found that there was a missing piece in the  ERP/CRM  puzzle for field service companies.

What we Discovered?


· Some companies would have a solid accounting package/CRM system/ERP system that would have field operations functions put in as almost an afterthought.  These functions would not be adequate to fulfill their field operations processes of a complex company.

· Field operations is a complex problem that is different in different industries.  Existing systems had difficulty handling more than one field operations process because of their wide spread focus. Ex. Crew scheduling, daily work orders, pooled job management, etc.

· Some companies would have their field operations processes in different systems or they would do these processes manually. Mission critical, real time, field operations data could not be utilized correctly because of the manual and separate processes.  This had the potential to cost the company large amounts of money. This would cause all following processes to suffer. Accounting, reporting, project management, sales etc.

How Nylus solved these problems?

· Combined all field operations functions under one system to utilize field operations data in real time.  This allowed the people managing the field operations to make the right decisions with the proper data and to be more efficient.

· Focused just on field operations.  We are not an accounting system.  This allowed us to capture a wide breath of field operation processes properly across many industries and allowed us to fit to complex field operations businesses.

· We do not lock in companies to a extended contract.  We wanted our software to prove itself on a monthly basis and provide value to companies.  This took some of the risk off of businesses that were worried how long they would be locked in for and if the software would work for them.

· Provided a solution that was cost effective for any size of company and complexity. 

· Allow the company to only pay for what they use.  If you do not want a specific module we don’t charge you for it.

ERP System

CRM System



ERP System

CRM System

FOM System

Field Operations Management System

"We appreciate the fact that you want to make this system work 100% and that you do not take shortcuts in this endeavor. The response time of the support personnel is also a point to be praised,"

Matt, Foreman

"Nylus has made our technician appointment schedule crystal clear. At a glance, we can tell who is available and suitably trained to fullfill our customer's needs."

Ian, Service Manager

Our Field Management System Can Increase Your Field Service Company's Efficiency.

  An enterprise field service system can help businesses provide better service at lower costs by automating scheduling, dispatch, management and improving the accuracy of work that occurs in the field.

  Having a system like this can guarantee field continuity which allows for more consistent reliable data. Data like that is important to a company as management can make better decisions when it comes to field spending and savings.

  • Optimize field service performance

  • Improve job turn around for your customers

  • Minimize people and equipment downtime

  Usually when we go into a company the existing dispatchers are
dispatching their crew through a combination of their phone, excel, a
whiteboard, binders for orientations, and other processes.


  We make their job more efficient and organized by combining everything in one system. Dispatch messages are sent automatically, orientations are easily found by the dispatcher, and all the data works together instead of the
dispatchers looking for it constantly. 

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Work Orders



Purchase Orders

Safety Reviews

ERP System

CRM System

FOM System

  • Cloud services free up IT resources from costly internal system maintenance and installs

  • No internal IT hardware needed

  • Built on Microsoft's best platform for stability & reliability; always backed up.

  • SSL encryption so confidential data cannot be intercepted over the web

  • Fast, easy implementations

IT Benefits

  • Easily streamline your field processes into one system

  • Always maintain data integrity across the entire organization

  • Track  cost and profits on projects

  • Integrate with your existing systems in order to keep consistency within the company

  • Track resource visibility using our executive dashboard metric to make better organizational decisions.

Executive Benefits

  • Assign the right person to the right job: location, availability, training

  • No more double booking or missed schedules

  • Training is fast and simple and will not interrupt your operations day to day duties.

  • Improve service delivery to your customers

  • Improve resource efficiency

Operations Benefits

What Can Make Your Business a Success With Our System ?

Easy to implement

Optimized Work Force

In today’s business economy, many companies are motivated by the opportunity to make better profit and grow their company. By doing so their best bet is to expand and optimize their work force, in turn companies will eventually need to rely on some sort of workforce management system, and this becomes important to owners and management.


With so many field operations management systems, out there where does the company start. Nylus believes the only way to develop software for field service companies is to understand how they operate and TO BE IN THE FIELD. 

There have been so many cases of companies buying a custom developed solution only for it not to work properly and getting invoiced large amounts of money.  This does not leave a good impression on the customer. 


Nylus wants to break that barrier down and provide customers with an efficient, pleasurable, and valuable experience when developing software.  We want to work with you as a team to provide what you require.


All-In One System

No Locked In Contract

Nylus is focused on developing the best field service management system on the market and giving customers an all-in one package that they feel is of great value to their company.

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