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Enterprise Field Operations System  

Manage all your field operations in a single all-in-one system.

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We believe the only way to develop software for field service companies is to understand how they operate!
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Streamline Your Field Processes Into One System
Nylus provides an all-in one centralized operations management suit at a lower cost. We help optimize field crews by automating scheduling & dispatching, management of safety & training, routing, payroll and timesheet and much more.
Connect The Field To The Office
Stay connected to the main office using our mobile app and GPS devices, receive job notifications on any mobile device, use our in app messenger and communicate with field crew at any time. Capture e-signatures out in the field and send forms live to the office or site foreman.
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Personalized Onboarding Training & Support
Our clients receive a designated account representative to  manage onboarding, training and all aspects of the implementation. Our clients also have access to a real time support desk and our online user manual.
Specialized Scheduling For Hydrovacing & 
Hazardous Waste Disposal
Schedule your units to designated road routing as per government regulations. Optimize your job routing and cut fuel costs. With our specialized dashboard schedulers can unit dispatch jobs for Operators/Labours with site specific training.
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Our Field Management System Can Increase Your Company's Efficiency. 

Electronic Field Tickets


Customize your work tickets using our robust form builder and not be limited to cookie cutter forms that don’t fit your requirements. 

GPS Fleet Management


Use NYLUS mobile app or device plug-ins to manage and track your fleet from the yard to the job. See route job history and apply geo-fencing directly on your dispatch board.



Pull user services time and rates directly off the field tickets and build your field resources timesheet in seconds.

Safety Management


Allow safety forms to be mandatory with jobs. Associate training to site specific jobs using our training management section.

Zones/ Geo Fencing


Use geo fencing & zoning to automatically notify customers when a tech is in the service area. Geo-fence environmental sensitive areas to avoid bio-hazardous cross contamination.

Customer Management


Manage your customer database, billing and multiple contact information. Store customer documents, notes, images and files.

Truck Maintenance


Set priorities to schedule units for maintenance. Have your truck check forms trigger work tickets for your company mechanic to their own personal maintenance dashboard.

Work Flow Management


Customize your various system triggers and notify designated groups or teams across your company. Such notifications can include safety expiration, zoning or truck maintenance or customer notification.

Customer Rate Sheets


Apply customer specific rates to your field services automatically,  reduce paperwork and flipping through price books.

Our Relationships and Affiliations
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Senior Dispatcher

Consolidate All Your Operational 

Software Into One Entire System That Is Affordable And Reliable.

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