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Easy to use with access via web and mobile devices.

"Unplugged Excellence: Nylus Offline Mobile is Just Around the Corner!"

Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome an efficient way to manage your field operations.

All-in-One Field Operations Management Software  

Hydrovac, Vacuum, Fluid Hauling, Civil Construction Services & Heavy Equipment

What is NYLUS?

Nylus is an all-in-one field operations management software designed to fit the budget of any size company. With our roots deeply embedded in the Hydrovac industry since 2012, we have since diversified our expertise to encompass various sectors within the construction industry.


Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of field crews by streamlining critical processes, including automated scheduling and dispatching, management of field work tickets/LEMS, and the seamless handling of essential safety forms such as JSSA, FLRA, digital Haulage Forms, and Daily Vehicle Inspection forms.

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Oilfield Services



Senior Dispatcher

Our Industries

With our extensive experience in a variety of industries we are confident that we can work for you.


Pricing Plans

We have a variety of pricing plans that fit all budgets


Our wide variety of features will fit almost any company

Custom Forms

With more than 40 customizable form fields, you can transform any paper form into a digital form within Nylus.


Nylus streamlines operations by consolidating jobs, forms, and crucial business data into projects, equipped with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Vehicle Maintenance

Looking for a way to have your truck check forms automatically initiate maintenance work with the mechanic? Nylus effortlessly automates this process for you.


Transform field tickets into invoices post-review or merge several tickets into a single invoice effortlessly. With just a click, dispatch all pertinent documentation directly to your customers.

Dump Sites

Managing dump sites is hassle-free with Nylus. It allows you to monitor dump site locations, types of material permitted at each site, and much more. Easily incorporate dump site details into your field tickets.


Generate internal or external estimates on-site, whenever needed. Nylus enables the distribution of real-time estimates among your clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Tracking customer assets is straightforward with Nylus. Assign customer equipment to jobs and enable your field crew to attach parts to the specific equipment they are servicing.

Punch Clock

Clock in and out of jobs with ease. All time records are geolocated, enabling comparison with GPS telemetry data for enhanced field crew accountability.


Nylus adapts seamlessly to a wide range of dispatch scenarios, thanks to our six distinct dispatch dashboards.

Job Management

If Nylus doesn't match your specific needs for job data capture, there's no issue. You have the flexibility to design a custom layout that allows you to record any data you desire.


Need to distribute documents to your field crew? With Nylus, providing access to critical documents for individuals or teams in the field is effortless.

Mobile (Android, IOS)

There's no requirement to invest in new devices unless you choose to. Utilize your current infrastructure to complete field tickets, safety forms, and more—Nylus is compatible with nearly any device.


Monitor your inventory effortlessly and include any inventory item on your field tickets. Additionally, organize your inventory by warehouse to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

General Forms

Require miscellaneous forms beyond field tickets or safety forms? With Nylus, creating nearly any type of form is straightforward. Enable your field crew to fill them out and track their completion locations on a map for comprehensive oversight.


Nylus offers the ability to tailor payroll rules and extract time records based on various configurations for individual employees, providing you with maximum flexibility for almost any payroll scenario.

Time Sheets

Nylus accommodates the unique nature of every timesheet scenario by offering multiple methods for time capture.

Field Tickets

Nylus, in conjunction with its custom form builder, enables the creation of unique field tickets tailored to different customers, locations, and other specific needs.


Design personalized workflows to oversee every detail of your business process automation, from auto-generating jobs to dispatching notifications and beyond, for a smoother, more efficient operational flow.


Facing unreliable connections in the field? No issue at all. Nylus provides the capability to function seamlessly, regardless of cell service connectivity.

Price Books

Set prices for services, inventory, and beyond on a global scale within your company, or tailor them by customer, project, or job. This approach grants unparalleled flexibility in your billing process, adapting to various needs seamlessly.


Nylus offers extensive reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to gain detailed insights into field crew performance. Need a custom report? No problem—we can tailor reports to meet your specific needs.

Pooled Jobs

For jobs that need attention after primary tasks are completed, Nylus facilitates a unique job assignment system. This system allows field crew to accept and tackle these tasks once priority jobs are finished, ensuring efficient workflow management.


Nylus simplifies fleet management through a variety of integrations and internal features, providing an efficient and straightforward solution.


What advantage is there in keeping training and orientation data in a separate system? Nylus integrates training information directly with dispatch operations for streamlined efficiency.


Oversee safety forms across your application with the ability to geolocate forms and craft complex forms that surpass the capabilities of most systems.

Sales Orders

Generate sales orders directly in the field and link jobs and projects to them. Nylus enables the creation of both internal and external sales orders, catering to your clients' needs efficiently.


Looking to include additional charges on your field tickets? Nylus provides the flexibility to append extra charges to field tickets through various methods, accommodating a wide range of scenarios.

Custom Sequence

If you're using a custom field ticket ID format, Nylus can replicate nearly any unique ID format our clients use and apply it to field tickets, invoices, sales orders, and more.


Effortlessly monitor customers and contacts, integrating them into jobs, projects, and more. Utilize our CSV importer for a seamless addition of existing customers and contacts into the system.

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