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Nylus is designed to integrate with various systems, ensuring it aligns smoothly with your current technology infrastructure and workflows. This compatibility enables Nylus to seamlessly become a part of your existing operational processes.


Our Integrations

Check out our range of software integrations. If you don't see what you need, our specialized integration framework has the flexibility to link with any platform that supports connectivity.

QuickBooks Online

Seamlessly import customer information into Nylus and effortlessly export invoices to QuickBooks, streamlining your accounting and customer management processes with ease.

Business Central

Nylus enables clients using Business Central to access their inventory data directly from their mobile devices.


Effortlessly integrate GeoTab telemetry data into Nylus, streamlining dispatch, job scheduling, training, and project management with all key information accessible in one place.


Smoothly incorporate Samsara telemetry data into Nylus, enhancing efficiency in dispatch coordination, job scheduling, training, and project oversight by aggregating all crucial data in one unified location.


Import customer information into Nylus and seamlessly synchronize invoices with Spire, enhancing your accounting and customer management systems with precision and ease.

ADP (Coming Soon)

Nylus will enable the direct import of time data into ADP payroll, simplifying your field operations process.


Pricing Plans

We have a variety of pricing plans that fit all budgets

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