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Ransomware - A growing problem, a growing threat.

We are now seeing Ransomware threating businesses and personal computers here are the what's, whys and how's. Statics are showing that the US ranks first in attacks, then Italy and Canada in third place. (as cited by Microsoft )

What is Ransomware, it's a form of malware that either locks the user screen thus preventing them from accessing files and application or it encrypts it's victims files on their hard drive, therefor making them inaccessible until a ransom payment is made.

Why, because people out there know how valuable your business or personal data on your computer is. If we are storing scanned paper copy files for our business on our PCs and this was to happen a business owner would be at the mercy of these people.

How to prevent or reduce be a potential victim of this.

1. Back up your computer files and hard drive often.

2. Don't click or go to suspicious website.

3. Don't open e-mail or file attachments from people you don't know

4. Opt for Cloud based application to store your data instead.

And last but not least if you are unsure - DON'T CLICK .

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