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Consolidate all your operational software into one simple platform that allows you to decrease operational costs and optimize your field operations.

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 What we do?


  • Specialize in Enterprise Field Operations solutions

  • All in one Field Service Solution

  • Work very closely with our customers to build the system

  • Integrate with your existing systems if needed

  • Focus on the customers

  • Focus on support

NYLUS works directly with your company to fit a solution for you

 What we solve?


  • Missed dispatches and double bookings

  • Missed field tickets and on-site sign offs

  • Speed of form submission

  • Speed of Dispatch (Potential of ~2 hrs. per day saved per dispatcher)

  • Field crew access to all their documents always

  • Field continuity (all field functions in one system)

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 How are we different


  • Fully Customizable

  • You build your system add-on to fit your budget

  • Built from the field up by field resources

  • All in one field system

  • We fit our system to your business model

  • Easy to learn

  • No hidden charges

  • Support and training included

See All Our Features

Only pay for what you add-on to your suite.

See Latest Insights

Visit our blog.

  Low Risk


  • Fully Customizable

  • Remote training included

  • Reduced implementation costs

  • Reduced development cost

  • No locked in commitment 

  • No IT hardware required

  • Personalized onboarding

  • Your data is yours 

  • All cloud based 

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 We make your opertions team jobs more efficient and organized by combining everything in one system. 
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 Our pricing


  • Flexible Modular Pricing

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Free Support

  • Free Upgrades

  • No unknow upfront cost

  • Month per Month licensing cost

  • Remote training included

  • Reduced development cost

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