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Combined all field operations functions under one system.
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NYLUS Drag & Drop Calendar Scheduler
Designed to be an all in one dispatching solution. This scheduler was meant to give you an overall view of your entire day, week or month in either a grid view or a list view. Use our job follow up feature especially for warranty jobs. Group your calendar jobs by status, customers, locations or resources and export the dashboard information for management reporting. Pin your jobs to the GPS map and see your job summary directly on the dashboard.
Key Features and Benefits
Our industry features are what makes us standout from the rest, from office to the field we are there every step of the way. 
Recurring Jobs/ Unassigned Jobs
Schedule recurring job contracts 
without an assigned  tech to the schedule by creating job place holders in the system and assign resources to the job later. Schedule multiple visits for multiple customers using our easy job copy function. Personalize your  resources with our colour coding and access jobs easily with job filters or resource groups.
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Customer Management
Keep track of all your customers and contact information. Associate billing, job locations, customer subsidiaries information and client status. Apply safety training/ orientation to customer site locations. 

Field Tickets/ LEMs


Apply any one of our custom grids service, inventory, price labour or vendor grids to your LEM. Customize your Vehicle Inspection, Bench Tech or Field Tech tickets.

Customer Pricesheets


Automate the system to calculate all your services or material pricing directly on the job ticket. No need to look for customer price books when billing a customer anymore. Companies can price out by the job, project or customer.

Project Management


No more switching back and forth between a project management software and your field service software. In our Project module PMs can view the status of jobs on projects, budgeting, bids & profit and loss on projects.

Inventory Management


Never lose track of inventory, apply cost plus pricing to customer on a work order. Allow operators or techs to add martials to a field ticket. Use our warehousing feature to separate inventory in multiple places.



Each company is unique to how they track time. Run your timesheet reports in NYLUS and save hrs during payroll periods.  Use our payroll rule to customize how you capture time to pay your employees.

Safety Management


Geo-location of submitted forms and see weather maps, set up mandatory safety form to go out with the jobs. Customize your Incident Investigation, Fall Protection or FLHA. Set reviews by techs, location or customers

Supported by several mobile devices of both Android & iPhone. NYLUS has it own mobile app that is easy to install.

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