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Hydrovac Services


Feeling the pressure to deliver results? Ease the burden with a hydrovac field ticketing system that takes the load off your shoulders. Let Nylus streamline your dispatching, communication, ticketing, safety and more. An all-in-one field management software designed specifically for hydro excavation companies.

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Why choose NYLUS?

Nylus is a company focused on providing innovative and reliable solutions for customers in need of managing their field operations. We all know how frustrating it can be to not have the most up-to-date knowledge or resources on hand when a job arises; that's why we can offer an industry-specific solution at an affordable price.

From orchestrating intricate excavation tasks to handling crew scheduling and guaranteeing adherence to safety standards, our all-in one software is customized to meet your precise requirements.

How we help your operations
Discover diverse sewer and water mainten

Our customers can experience improved efficiency, and decreased costs, with a unified solution. Through our system, customers can quickly access the information they need and receive real-time updates and insight into your business operations. This allows them to stay informed and be better prepared to mange jobs, trucks and crew schedules, while also reducing their expenditures.


Our system not only provides a cost-effective, user-friendly solution, but also has built in features and tools that make field operations management easy and efficient. Our software helps teams cut down on paperwork and simplify data management.

Improved Efficiency

Our customers' days are filled with rushed dispatches and missed field tickets. We provided a solution that offers seamless dispatches, quick form submissions, and an easy way to access documents on-site on a mobile device. These solutions combine to save our customers more than two hours per day per dispatcher while creating continuity in the field. All of this efficiency centered around one comprehensive system - yours!

Unified Solution

Nylus helps the hydrovac industry become more efficient in dispatching, pricing and invoicing services. With our specialized unit dispatching dashboard, businesses can quickly and accurately dispatch units to jobs. In addition, customers can benefit from the electronic pricebooks that allows service to be automatically priced and quickly ready for invoicing, while eliminating the need for manual pricing and invoicing so that businesses can focus their effort on providing quality services. With our software, you can convert and customize all paper based tickets, safety forms and dispatch automatically. 

Ensure Compliance

Easily comply with industry regulations and safety standards, minimizing the chances of facing fines or penalties. That’s why NYLUS allows you to keep track of mandatory electronic safety tickets like FLRA, Haulage/Dumpsite forms, post/pre job inspection forms and DVIRs with each job on-site anytime or offline. Our customer can custom design or change their electronic safety forms to meet regulatory requirements anytime in NYLUS.

Help Scale Your Business

As your hydrovac business grows we scales with you, NYLUS works directly with your company to fit any solution for you using our industry recommend modules. As a great addition we will gladly offer software customization for any specialized field operations process tailored to your company.


Project/ Daily Job Dispatching

Say goodbye to manual scheduling, work tickets and safety forms. NYLUS's intuitive unit dispatching & scheduling dashboard allows you to effortlessly assign jobs to units, view maps & quickly add locations and site contacts in real-time while utilizing fleet usage effectively. Copy jobs over multiple days and reassign unit jobs easily to another unit or multiple crews. Dispatch via text or email and chat live with field people using our software in-app messenger.

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