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Hydro Excavation

Made for hydrovac dispatchers by hydrovac dispatchers...
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Industry Specific Hydrovac Scheduling Dashboard
Dispatchers can unit schedule each job with the job
information being sent to both the Operator and Labourer. The work ticket  is sent to the operators device. Quickly see who has site, customer or job category specific training on the dashboard. Geo-fence environmental boundaries  for bio-hazardous dumping. Track resource time off and colour code your jobs or units on the scheduling dashboard. Use our live map to track where each unit is and how long it takes to arrive at each job site.
Key Features and Benefits
These are just some of the industry specific features available through NYLUS all designed with Hydrovacing in mind. 

Safety Management


Attach safety tickets to each resourse profile to present electronically on site. Dispatch jobs using site specific or customer specific orientation. Have mandatory truck check forms of FLAH filled out before each job.

Geo-Fencing/ Markers


Geo-fence zones to notify operators when they enter environmentally sensitive areas, this becomes handy for bio hazardous dumping. Geo-mark holes with images and attach your pictures directly to the work ticket.

Customer Pricesheets

Use custom pricing for all your services and have them auto-calculate directly on the job ticket. Never look through customer price books for service rates anymore. Companies can price based on customer, jobs or projects.

Long Term Project Jobs
Have long term projects or jobs that need to be stored in the system? Not to worry, NYLUS will separate your daily jobs from your long term jobs all on the same dispatching dashboard. Convert long term jobs into daily jobs and attach job specific files to these unassigned jobs. 
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Sign Offs


Missed a signature? No problem. See all your missed field signatures on our specialized sign-off dashboard. Send the original PDF to your customer for a signature using our in app emailing system.

Truck Maintenance


Use truck check forms to create real time notifications to the dispatcher to take the unit offline. Have your in house mechanic create maintenance work orders and assign priorities. Allow the mechanic to bring the unit back online when maintenance has been completed.

GPS/Fleet Management


Track your fleet from head office or any assigned start location in real time. Companies have the option to use our GPS app or our unit plug-in devices to track routing, hard breaking, speed and more. Always have a visible knowledge of where your entire fleet is.

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